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Phase One. The Build

The property was purchased in 2014 and we began to build

Phase Two: Solar And Water

We have installed our solar and are officially off the grid. Each room has power adequate for modest needs. We also have a gravity fed water system supported by the ample water supply in the cistern.

Phase Three. Main Lodge

 The main Lodge including the master bedroom, living room, bathroom, loft and camp kitchen are ready for guests.

Phase Four: Downstairs

In this phase we have continued to work on improvements to the upstairs as well as adding two more rooms and additional bathrooms down stairs.

We are currently in the fourth phase of the lodge and we are ready to welcome you!

Please be aware that it may not be suitable for small children, those with limited mobility, or poor physical ability. We would love everyone to enjoy our lodge and apologize for the current access. We plan on adding more stairs, better walk ways, additional railings and child safety features. In addition to making the lodge more accessible, we also plan on making it even more environmentally friendly, adding more bathrooms, and perhaps a few more fun amenities in the future.

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