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West End

     A nice walk during the day and a quick cab ride at night will put you in the heart of West End, a unique place on the island. West End meets all your shopping, entertainment, and recreation needs.

    I remember on one of our trips to Roatan I was walking down the street on a beautiful island evening. There was a musician playing at an Island bar and restaurant. Vacationers, expats, and islanders were enjoying the island bar atmosphere. Across the street the little church on the beach was having a service. A few islanders were inside singing with the door open for the breeze.

   Standing in the middle of the street between the little church and the Island bar listening to the blend of musical tones is a moment I will never forget. The locals, expats, and travelers were intertwined, it seemed perfectly natural, Just as it should be.  I think that may be the moment that I realized West End was truly the place for me.


Shelley Hatch

Lodge Owner


Places we spend our time in West End.

West Bay

Where West End is actually a bay, West Bay is actually on the West end of the island. It took us several cruises to figure this out. If you're looking for a long sandy beach full of tourists, West Bay is an excellent place to take a "beach day" It's just an easy, beautiful water taxi ride from West End! And if you're lucky, you might even see the lodge from the water.


Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is just a short taxi ride from the lodge. It's a more private part of beach that reminds me of Florida with it's docks and wildlife. This is where a lot of our swim lessons take place and also where SOL is located.


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